We provide different levels of mathematics such as elementary math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus and more.

The answer to that question varies from child to child, but we will have a better idea of why your child may be struggling or not reaching their potential after we have the results of the Diagnostic Assessment. Most children have difficulty in school because their academic skills are not at the level that they should be. Other children may have problems with concentration, confidence, study habits, motivation, or general test-taking skills. Regardless of why your child is having difficulty in school, ScholarAcademy's intensive Reading, Math, and WritingPrograms are individually designed to help your child achieve long-term academic success.

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Why is my child having difficulty in school or not reaching their potential? We've tried everything!

Yes! Scholar Academy is open year-round. Our most successful students are those that continue attending during their summer break or off-track periods so that they start off the new school year ahead of their peers rather than forgetting what they learned in the previous grade. We keep the same schedule year-round.

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Is Scholar Academy open year-round?
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What math tutoring do we offer?!
How important is it to continue enrollment over the summer months? 

Summer enrollment is a very important factor in your child's overall long-term success in our programs. Our research indicates that students who continue their sessions during the summer improve at a much faster rate than those who withdraw for summer vacation. We have compared students who stay and students who leave for the summer and have concluded that a leave of absence during the summer has a negative impact on your child's progress. If you need to take a week or two break for a vacation, we will definitely work around your schedule.

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Yes, we do provide private tutoring for all subjects and require it for better results in certain subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology and more.

Does Scholar Academy provide private tutoring?

With our incredible success rate, fair and affordable pricing it would be difficult to enroll your child elsewhere. In addition, our variety of programs allow our center to accommodate each individual need. Scholar Academy also has some of the most knowledgeable, patient and compassionate tutors whose focuses are helping our child reach and maintain success.

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Why Scholar Academy Tutoring?