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Proven Success: 95%
grade improvement;
85% higher test scores

With the assistance of tutors in Scholar Academy, students experience a substantial growth in academic success. Our tutors ensure that students improve both their grades and their test scores, while further developing their educational potential. All of our students have achieved an incredible improvement in their grades following the individualized attention of our tutors!

Customized Learning 

At Scholar Academy, we know that each student is different, which is why we customize our lesson plans for students to get the most out of every minute. After the second lesson, your tutor will create a checklist of goals to accomplish for each of the following sessions in order to give your child the clear organization and boost they need to succeed.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

We understand that not all students process and learn information similarly. That's why Scholar Academy has a unique, holistic approach to teaching our students. Each tutoring process is thus customized to your learning style. 

College Prep Exam

Test scores are the cornerstone of every student’s application.

At Scholar Academy, our tutors will break down standardized tests and teach the necessary tricks and methods to help you achieve the maximum possible score. Scholar experts will also assess each individual student’s strengths in order to determine which test will be the best representation of their abilities.

Come see the Scholar difference.


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     This was a HUGE help. I have been struggling with physics ALL year and finally understanding and getting a good grade was such a relief.

— Mike from La Crescenta



      I really enjoy this. This program is very helpful and the tutors are awesome! I have completed my assignments using this program and have recieved totally awesome grades. It has helped build confidence, since calulus is rather difficult and not one of my strongest subjects. This program is really great and especially recommendable!



— Michelle from Pasadena

    The tutor help me understand a problem step by step and he made should i knew everything i was doing.

— Ben from Montrose



    100% awesome. I was having so much trouble and this helped me pass my tests and gain more confidence in algebra. Thank you so much! 

— Kevin from La Crescenta