Study Skill Course

Course Description

This 8 week course is dedicated to ensuring your school success and motivating your journey toward lifelong learning.  This course will enable you to develop your own plan for personal and academic success through self-evaluation, application of active learning techniques, class discussions, homework, and traditional classroom exercises.  

These activities will help you acquire effective study strategies, stimulate your critical and creative thinking skills, practice oral and written expression, establish short-term and long-term goals, and learn to manage time more efficiently.

Study Skills to

              Study SMARTER

                     (NOT HARDER !)

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

1. Learn how to manage your time efficiently and make positive choices about time.

2. Improve your reading comprehension and note-taking skills.

3. Learn strategies to study efficiently for tests.

4. Demonstrate problem-solving and goal-setting skills.

5. Identify ways to improve your writing and strategies for vocabulary building.

6. Assess your strengths and weaknesses in basic academic and communication skills.

7. Use your learning style to enhance your personal and academic success.

8. Identify your challenges and create plans to overcome them.

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He has a positive attitude and belief that he can always improve is an essential aspect of the learning process.


He had shown his clay works before, I could see his talent in art and ability to introduce different perspective into his work.